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Aura joins ResponsibleSteel

After many years working with clients involved in the steel sector, we have developed a very clear understanding of the industry and its positive and negative impacts. As the world’s largest materials industry, steel generates a turnover of US$1 trillion it also generates between 7% and 9% of global direct emissions from fossil fuels.

The need to take concrete actions at all levels to address environmental degradation and climate change is increasingly clear and industries such as steel will need to make huge and unprecedented changes over many years. It is also clear that change can only be delivered as part of a broad-based movement involving all sections of society.

Given the enormity of this task it is hard for individuals and companies to identify clear and meaningful steps they can take to address these challenges. Initiatives such as ResponsibleSteel are therefore a vital way to develop pathways towards increased sustainability through the development of multistakeholder standards and codes which encourage improvements in performance.

By focussing on one of the most critical economic sectors we believe that ResponsibleSteel has the potential to play a major role in the development of more sustainable industry.