Aura Financial

  • Meeting the specific advisory needs of select clients.
  • Working for listed and private companies, regulators, governments, shareholders and individuals.
  • We devise and implement campaigns which inform and persuade.
  • An impressive track record of professional work on interesting projects.
  • We demonstrate value and maintain lasting relationships as a result
  • We like our work.

A deliberately small consultancy, expert in financial communications

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Our approach is based on knowledge, thinking and trust. We combine strategic insight and practical experience to satisfy individual client needs. We are focussed on building our client’s reputation, not our own.




We provide specialist communications counsel on issues which are material to the reputations of listed companies and other organisations ranging from one-off projects to sustained multi-stakeholder campaigns in several countries.




Our team’s advice is based on working with leading international and UK companies over the last 20 years. Our case studies, previous clients and transactions worth over $200 billion showcase the depth of our experience.




The investment in time we commit to research gives rise to a variety of insights. Our discoveries form part of the team’s collective experience but we also share our knowledge and showcase the efforts of others.