Aura Financial

  • We invest our time

    To develop best practice and apply our expertise.

  • We combine

    Strategic insight with professionalism, to act with speed and skill.

  • We are committed to

    Building our clients’ reputation, not our own.

Our approach is always defined by three factors:


Planning and executing stakeholder communications is becoming increasingly demanding and requires a consistent story. Media developments and innovations influence how, when and to whom we communicate. New regulation is not just to be expected, but more importantly anticipated.


In a fast-moving environment having the time to think, consider and explore communications issues, risks and opportunities, is more important than ever. Time is also more difficult to find. At Aura Financial ‘thinking time’ is fundamental and built-in to our approach to providing the best advice for our clients. This forethought, when combined with our experience, means that we can also act fast and thereby support our client’s reputations.


For us, openness, respect and trust are at the heart of everything we do. Trust that leads to mutual respect and strong and intuitive relationships with our clients. Trust based on short lines of communication within and between client and consultancy, to achieve the very best results – knowledgeably, thoughtfully and quickly.

Stakeholder Communications Landscape

Aura Financial provides a range of financial communications consultancy services to its clients, from one-off projects focused on one stakeholder group – through to managing a range of services targeting a number of stakeholder groups internationally, as part of a long term reputation-building campaign.

Stakeholder Communications Landscape

  • Media
  • Regulators
  • Political Audiences
  • Brokers & Analysts
  • Employees
  • Customers & Suppliers
  • Communities
  • Institutional Investors
  • Interest Groups
  • Competitors

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